Six Amazing Destinations in Canada for Family Vacations

Besides being the boating capital of the world, Canada also offers a ton of other holiday options that can practically recharge anyone, regardless of age. Most of the destinations are family friendly. And there’s no better way to create memories, than visiting some of these places, before the kids grow up.

Niagara Falls

The top honour goes to this majestic waterfall. Niagara is big, breathtaking and a must-see for every nature lover. You can watch the falls from the Queen Victoria Park, or from the various viewing decks that are part of the “Journey Behind the Falls”. Alternatively, you can go ahead and enjoy a ride on the “Maid of the Mist,” or the “Whirlpool Aero Car,” that rides 61 meters above the water.

Royal Tyrrell Museum

This museum has 40 complete dinosaur skeletons and is home to over 130000 fossils that were found in the Dinosaur Provincial Park. It is located six km northwest from Drumheller, Alberta. It houses relics from dozens of other extinct creatures, plus a life-size model of the 375-million-year-old reef. In short, your kids will absolutely love you for this trip.


If you are looking for something that will excite the whole family, this is it. Churchill is a great place to watch polar bears, beluga whales and the northern lights. You get to ride in the tundra buggies at the Churchill Wildlife Management Area or take a boat ride to spot beluga whales. After that, you can learn about the history of fur trading, go hiking, and get a taste of the famous Arctic char cuisine.

Fundy National Park

This park features three camping grounds, a heated saltwater pool and a 100km path for trekking and biking. That, coupled with 25 waterfalls and the world’s highest tides, make this destination perfect for family vacations. Fundy Park has everything you can ever want in a travel destination; beaches, picnic areas, tennis courts and so much more.

Quebec City

With its old town being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Quebec City is one of those places that have loads of fun activities for the whole family. While you’re there, you might want to check out the Aquarium du Quebec, discover the 10000 colourful fish, jump on trampolines and be part of the numerous annual events.

Toronto Zoo

This 710-acre zoo is the home to over 5000 animals, that represent 500 species. The zoo sits in Toronto’s actual metropolitan area, somewhere near the Rouge River. The animals include the African lion, Indian rhino, red panda, snow leopard, Sumatran tiger, clouded leopard and more.
The zoo is known for breeding the first tree kangaroo in Canada, who was later paired with Milla, a female who gave birth to twins; a first for this species.