Everything You Need to Know About Boating in Canada

Life today can be quite stressful. A great way of relieving most of the tension is to take a long relaxing boat ride, far away from everything. A boating holiday in Canada is the perfect getaway, and offers the opportunity to really unwind and take a step back from your hectic everyday life. On this website you will get lots of useful tips and information to help you plan a great holiday in Canada.

Boating in Canada

Why choose Canada for your boating holiday? Well, for one thing, Canada is considered the boating capital of the world. With over 30000 huge and beautiful lakes, the country offers a unique playground for water sports, fishing, and sight-seeing. That’s why we’ve created a whole section of the website with information about Canada’s coast and lakes.

Open water boating makes for some of the best adventure stories, but only a handful of boaters have the grit and expertise to handle the unpredictable nature of saltwater. So that’s why we’ll keep our focus on the numerous freshwater options available in Canada. Besides, lakes are arguably more scenic than oceans and seasickness is usually not a problem.

How to prepare for your trip

We’ll also look into the various things you need to consider when renting a boat in Canada. The authorities in Canada are pretty strict about safety. They are always looking for boaters that have not followed the rules, and the slightest offense can land you a $250 fine or more.

They also require all boat drivers to take a safety course. There is no age limit when enrolling into the class, but the best part is, it is available online at no cost. So, you might want to visit our boating holidays section for more information about this.

We will also be touching on ways to create a budget for a boating holiday. The last thing any holidaymaker would want is to face disappointment on arrival. So, this section points you in the right direction, with insights on all the available options. From luxury to budget packages; everyone can get a piece of the pie.

Other things to do on your trip

Maybe you want to take the chance to see some other interesting sights on your holiday, and don’t want to spend all your time out on the water? Don’t worry, we will also give you information about activities you can do on dry land. Canada offers a lot of entertainment and fun for the whole family besides boating. We will briefly cover some of the different travel destinations in Canada, that don’t involve being in or on the water. Many of these destinations have waterfalls, playgrounds, and world-class amenities to suit everyone.